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Baku is one of the most beautiful and largest cities in the world. At various times, the city was the center of the state of Shirvanshahs, the Baku Khanate, the Baku Governorate, the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. As a capital of an independent Azerbaijani state, Baku city is developing intensively and is becoming prettier every day.

The territory of Baku city and the Absheron Peninsula has been settled since ancient times. The reason of this was the location of Baku on the coast of the Caspian Sea, at the intersection from north to south and from west to east of migration and trade routes, as well as the presence of rich oil and gas fields.

Prepared by the employees of the Presidential Library, the “Baku” project, on the Azerbaijani, an English and Russian language, lights up the historical path went by the city from ancient times to the present day and describes its real picture from various aspects.

The Documents about the history of Baku, biographical data of prominent figures from Baku, photo and video galleries of old and modern Baku, electronic versions of the books and the articles in different languages, as well as bibliographic information about the city are reflected in the projects